Antony Eagle


Much of my research falls under the umbrella of what we might call the ‘metaphysics of science’, overlapping both metaphysics and philosophy of physics. In that field my main interests include chance and the foundations of probability; persistence; location; space, time and spacetime; causation; dispositions; ontology; and modality. (An introduction to the philosophy of probability aimed at a general audience is here.) In epistemology, I’m mostly interested in Bayesian epistemology and confirmation theory; the connection between formal and traditional epistemology; and the debate over scientific realism. In philosophy of language, I’m most interested in the nature of propositions; the semantics of modals, conditionals, and generics and habituals; vagueness; and in understanding fictional discourse. I’m keen to work with postgraduate and honours students on any of these topics, and many more besides.

Publications and Talks

My publications list, drawn from PhilPeople, can be found here: PhilPeople publication list. This also includes links to prepublication versions stored in PhilArchive, where available.

You can also find a list of my publications in the ‘Publications’ section of my CV.

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