Antony Eagle

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Department of Philosophy, School of Humanities, University of Adelaide, South Australia 5005, Australia
Australian, British
Academic Positions
Senior Lecturer in Philosophy, University of Adelaide.
University (CUF) Lecturer in Philosophy, University of Oxford, and William Kneale Fellow and Tutor in Philosophy, Exeter College, Oxford.
Tenured (‘Reappointed to retirement age’), March 2009.
Visiting Positions
Munich Center for Mathematical Philosophy, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, September 2016–February 2017.
Department of Philosophy, Monash University, November–December 2010.
PhD, Philosophy, Princeton University.
MA, Philosophy of Science, Princeton University.
BA (Hons), Philosophy, University of Melbourne.
Research and Teaching Interests
Areas of Specialisation
Metaphysics, Philosophy of Probability, Philosophy of Physics, Philosophy of Language, General Philosophy of Science.
Areas of Competence
Philosophical Logic, Epistemology, Early Modern Philosophy (particularly Descartes, Cavendish, and Hume), Philosophy of Religion, Philosophy of Mathematics.

Google scholar h-index: 10

Publication list from PhilPeople

Edited Book
(ed.) Philosophy of Probability: Contemporary Readings, Routledge: London. (Includes more than 50,000 words of peer-reviewed editorial matter.) [Publisher]
Journal Articles (Peer-Reviewed)
‘Weak Location’, dialectica 73 (1–2): 149–81. [doi:10.1111/1746–8361.12264]
‘Chance, Determinism, and Unsettledness’, Philosophical Studies 176 (3): 781–802. [doi:10.1007/s11098–018–1039–1]
‘Persistence, Vagueness, and Location’, Journal of Philosophy 113 (10): 507–32. [doi:10.5840/jphil20161131035]
‘Multiple Location Defended’, Philosophical Studies 173 (8): 2215–31. [doi:10.1007/s11098–015–0605-z]
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‘Randomness is Unpredictability’, British Journal for the Philosophy of Science 56 (4): 749–90. [doi:10.1093/bjps/axi138]
‘A Note on Dolby and Gull on Radar Time and the Twin “Paradox”’, American Journal of Physics 73 (10): 976–979. [doi:10.1119/1.1994855] [arXiv]
‘Twenty-One Arguments against Propensity Analyses of Probability’, Erkenntnis 60 (3): 371–416. [doi:10.1023/B:ERKE.0000023408.61887.6a]
Book Chapters (Peer-Reviewed)
‘Relativity and the A-theory’, in Eleanor Knox and Alastair Wilson (eds.), The Routledge Companion to Philosophy of Physics, Routledge.
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‘Pragmatic Causation’, pp. 156–90 in Huw Price and Richard Corry (eds.), Causation, Physics and the Constitution of Reality: Russell’s Republic Revisited, Oxford: Oxford University Press.
Essay Reviews
‘Yuri Balashov, Persistence and Spacetime’, Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews, 2011.09.24. [NDPR]
‘A Causal Theory of Chance?’, Studies in History and Philosophy of Science 35 (4): 883–90. [doi:10.1016/j.shpsa.2004.08.003]
Minor Reviews
‘A J Cotnoir and Donald L M Baxter, eds., Composition as Identity’, Australasian Journal of Philosophy 94: 190–3. [doi:10.1080/00048402.2015.1053954]
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with P D Magnus and Tim Button, forallx Adelaide, free, open source textbook for introductory logic. Creative Commons CC BY 4.0 license. [GitHub]
Elements of Deductive Logic, free, open source textbook for introductory-intermediate logic course. Creative Commons CC BY-SA 4.0 license. [GitHub]
‘Philosophy and Probability’, Exeter College Association Register: 55–58. [link]
Presentations (forthcoming and previous two years)

(¶=keynote, †=contributed, others invited)

July 2019
‘Rational Forgetting?’†, AAP Wollongong.
‘Endurance and the A-Theory’, Time workshop
June 2019
‘What is Supendurance?’†, IAPT 6, Boulder, CO, USA.
November 2018
‘Can Structuralism Avoid Putnam’s Paradox?’, Structural Realism Meets Structural Representation workshop, University of Sydney.
July 2018
'How Everything Is’†, AAP Wellington.
June 2018
'How Everything Is’†, IAPT 5, Seoul, South Korea.
December 2017
'Stakes and Standpoints’†, NZAP Otago.
July 2017
'Quantum Location’†, AAP Adelaide.
presenter, Sydney Winter School on Physics and Philosophy of Time.


Prior to this, talks at: AAP† (multiple), Aberdeen, About Aboutness (Melbourne), ANU (multiple), Australian Metaphysics Conference† (multiple), Aristotelian Society, Arizona Ontology Conference, Auckland, Barcelona, Bristol, British Society for the Philosophy of Science, BSPS conference† (Sussex), Cambridge (Serious Metaphysics Group), Canterbury (NZ), Carolina Metaphysics Workshop, Causal Republicanism† (Centre for Time, Sydney), CRNAP Modality workship (Princeton), Determinism (ANU), FAU-Erlangen, Fictionalism (Manchester), From Here to Eternity: Temporal Experience and Transformation (Centre for Time, Sydney), Université de Genève, Hume’s Metaphysics and Humean Metaphysics (University of Tampere) La Trobe, Leeds, Leeds HPS, LEM forum (Institute of Philosophy, London), Levels of Causation workshop (IHPST, Paris), London Logic & Metaphysics forum, LSE (Sigma Club), McGill, Munich Centre for Mathematical Philosophy (LMU-München), Melbourne, Metaphysics of Science¶ (Nottingham), Metaphysics of Science (Melbourne), Monash (twice), Nature of Indeterminacy workshop (Leeds), Notre Dame, Nottingham (thrice), NYU, NZAP† (multiple), Otago, Oxford, Oxford (Philosophy of Physics, twice), Paris Diderot (PhilMath Seminar), PERSP Space & Time Workshop on the Open Future (Barcelona), Philosophy and Probability International Summer School† (Konstanz), Philosophy of Probability Graduate Conference III¶ (LSE), Reading, Time, Agency and Causation (Centre for Time, Sydney), Time Symmetry (Centre for Time, Sydney), Time Travel and Probability (Centre for Time, Sydney), UIC, UMass Amherst, Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Université de Neuchâtel, VUW, Williams College.


Primary supervisor except where noted.

University of Adelaide
University of Oxford
Exeter College
Princeton University
Tutorials in Philosophy of Physics: Quantum Mechanics (S 2001) and Introduction to Metaphysics and Epistemology (F 2000).
Melbourne University
Tutorials for Introduction to Formal Logic and Logic and Rationality (Semester 1, 1999).
Grants, Fellowships, and Awards
Carl Friedrich von Siemens Research Fellowship of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation for Experienced Researchers, October 2016–March 2017, €22,780.
Member of research network, Metaphysical Indeterminacy, AHRC-funded project at University of Leeds (PIs: Elizabeth Barnes, Ross Cameron, and Robbie Williams)
British Academy Overseas Conference Grant, £900.
Arts and Humanities Research Council (UK) Research Leave Scheme: Counterfactuals, Chance and Ability, grant ID No: AH/E003184/1, £23,445.
MA (by resolution), University of Oxford.
Mrs Giles Whiting Foundation Honorific Fellowship in the Humanities.

(Earlier grants and awards omitted.)

Professional Service
Treasurer, July 2014–.
Board member, July 2015–.
Chair of Finance and Risk Committee, July 2015–.
Member of Executive, July 2015–.
Member of Council, July 2014–July 2015.
Member, 1999–.
Aristotelian Society.
Society for the Metaphysics of Science.
Member of Editorial Board, Australasian Journal of Philosophy, 2010–.
Member of Editorial Panel, Thought, 2012–.
Member of Editorial Committee, Oxford Philosophical Monographs, 2011–3.
Editor, ‘Chance and Determinism’ category, PhilPapers, 2009–,
Thesis Examining
Talia Sellars, Time-Travel, Causation, and the Direction of Time (PhD, Auckland, 2014);
Natalja Deng, Time, Experience, and the A- versus B-debate (DPhil, Oxford, 2010).
Two as external reviewer.
Conferences Organised
Part of organising committee AAP 2017 (Adelaide).
Organised Adelaide Philosophy Work in Progress Colloquium, University of Adelaide, February 2016.
Organised Philosophy of Probability Mini Conference, Faculty of Philosophy, Oxford, September 2009.
University Service
University of Adelaide
Program Coordinator, Bachelor of Philosophy, Politics and Economics, 2018–.
Head of Philosophy, 2018–20.
ECR Network convenor, Faculty of Arts, S2 2018.
Postgraduate Coordinator (Asian Studies, Art History, Education, and Philosophy), 2017.
Philosophy Honours Coordinator, 2015.
University of Oxford
Director of Graduate Admissions, 2010–12.
Member, Working Group on Strategic Planning, 2011–2.
Member, Graduate Studies Committee, 2009–12.
Member, Mathematics and Philosophy Joint Standing Committee, 2009.
Member, First Year Review Group (review and revision of first year provision in all joint schools involving philosophy), 2008–10.
Member, Undergraduate Joint Consultative Committee, 2005–7.
Joint President of the Philosophical Society (speaker series), 2005–7.
Joint Convener, Philosophy of Science Research Seminar, M 2005.
Search committees, Pembroke College and Somerville College, 2005–06.
Exeter College, Oxford
Member of Rector and Tutors Committee, 2010–13.
Tutor for Graduates, 2010–11.
Member of IT committee and staff committee, 2008–10.
Philosophy (and joint schools) admissions interviewing, 2004–12 (Group organising secretary in PPE, 2009–10).
Member of governing body, 2004–13.

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