Everything in its Place

Location, Persistence, and Change


Our project aims to critically examine a number of accounts of how (and if) we may reconcile what we know about ordinary objects with the unexpected things science has taught us about space, time, and the fundamental building blocks of nature. We anticipate generating new knowledge in metaphysics, exploiting the recent 'locative turn' to revitalise perennial questions about existence, persistence, and change.

Running from 2020–2023, Everything in its Place supports an international team of researchers in working on these issues. The project will provide scholarships to support postgraduate researchers, organise conferences and other events on the themes of the project, and produce scholarly publications. The project is based in the Department of Philosophy at the University of Adelaide. We are pleased to be contributing to the rich tradition of scientific metaphysics in Australian philosophy.

We are pleased to acknowledge the support of the following:
Australian Research Council
This research is supported by the Australian Government through the Australian Research Council Discovery Projects funding scheme (project DP200100190). The views expressed herein are those of the authors and are not necessarily those of the Australian Government or Australian Research Council.


Antony Eagle

Chief Investigator
University of Adelaide

Antony Eagle works on most areas in 'theoretical' philosophy, with particular interests in metaphysics and philosophy of physics.

Cody Gilmore

Partner Investigator
University of California Davis

Cody Gilmore works on topics in metaphysics including mereology, location, personal ontology, the definition of death, time travel, and the nature of properties, relations, and propositions.

Shieva Kleinschmidt

Partner Investigator
University of Southern California

Shieva Kleinschmidt works primarily on Metaphysics and Philosophy of Religion. She is especially interested in Parthood and Location.

Jessica Pohlmann

Postgraduate Researcher
University of Adelaide

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Now available: Postgraduate PhD/MPhil scholarship

Up to three years of fees and maintenance, plus a generous research allowance, to commence in early 2021. Applications open now, until the position is filled.


Now available: Adelaide undergraduate summer research scholarship

Six week research project in summer 2020–21, provides a modest living allowance and a taste of postgraduate research. Applications close 18 September 2020.



Details of publications supported by the project coming soon


Details of events coming soon
Once Covid19-related travel restrictions begin to lift, we will be planning our program of events.