Antony Eagle

Antony Eagle


I teach a fairly wide variety of courses in theoretical philosophy: metaphysics, epistemology, philosophy of logic and language, philosophy of religion, philosophy of economics. I also regularly offer courses in formal logic and early modern philosophy (where I have special fondness for Descartes, Cavendish, and Hume). Before coming to Adelaide I used to teach philosophy of science, philosophy of physics, and philosophy of mathematics. Maybe one day I will again.

On this page are links to lecture notes for my current suite of courses, which I am progressively uploading, and some information about open source logic texts I have written. I also include some documents on pedagogy:

Courses and Lecture Notes

Open Source Logic Texts

I’ve been involved with writing a couple of open source and open access logic textbooks. Everyone likes to teach logic in their own way, and so these works reflect my preferences and pedagogical judgements. I made them available open source and share them under a creative commons license to allow you to make use of them in your own teaching, and modify them to reflect your own preferences.

forall\(x\) Adelaide

This is my adaptation of Tim Button’s adaptation of P.D. Magnus’s open source free introductory logic textbook. This version is available under a CC-BY 4.0 license. I’ve made pervasive changes, big and small, in content and formatting and arrangement of the material.

Elements of Deductive Logic

I’ve also written an intermediate logic textbook called Elements of Deductive Logic. This was based on notes I used in teaching in the logic paper for Physics and Philosophy and Maths and Philosophy students at Oxford, and it reached the end of its evolution once I began working on forall\(x\) Adelaide. I have made the book freely available, open source, and repurposable under the terms of the Creative Commons CC BY-SA 4.0 license. You can find the pdf and the source code at the book’s GitHub repository.