Antony Eagle

Information for Prospective Students

The Department of Philosophy at Adelaide is small but vibrant, with an active graduate program, offering both a research masters (MPhil) and a PhD. If you are interested in pursuing a research degree here, I would be glad to discuss the programs and possible thesis topics with you.

I am interested in working with students on many topics in metaphysics, philosophy of probability, the philosophy of logic and language, epistemology/philosophy of science and philosophy of physics.

Information about the application process can be obtained from the link above and the Adelaide Graduate Centre, but I’m happy to give informal advice to students wishing to work with me. The crucial thing to note about the process here is that an applicant needs to have a research proposal before applying, even for students at the MPhil level. I am happy to assist appropriately qualified prospective students with this part of the process.

Below are some details of students I’ve supervised, as principal supervisor except where noted. These indicate some of the topics I’m comfortable supervising, but by no means all. See also my entry in the Philosophy Family Tree.

Honours/Undergraduate Theses