Antony Eagle

Antony Eagle


EagleLab is a regular meeting for postgraduate research and honours candidates who are working under my supervision. I expect candidates to attend regularly if they are not on leave. We meet during semester.

The format is flexible, but typically meetings run as a ‘journal club’, a reading group with no specific topical focus other than what members of the group are interested in discussing. Each meeting we would discuss a paper nominated by a member of the group, which will be pre-distributed and pre-read by all attendees before the session. The nominator will give a brief (≤15 mins) overview of the paper and its relevance to their research to kick off the discussion. Chosen papers should be relevant to the nominator’s research project.

Occasionally, members may wish to present some of their own work in progress for feedback. This option can be very useful for candidates nearing completion.

2022 schedule

We meet fortnightly on Thursdays at 12:00 in the Philosophy tea room (Napier 718). Please feel free to bring your lunch along.

August 25
Lucy Allais (2004) ‘Kant’s one world: interpreting “transcendental idealism”’, British Journal for the History of Philosophy 12: 655–684. (Presented by Anthony Bishop.)
September 8
Huw Price (2009) ‘Metaphysics after Carnap: the ghost who walks?’, in David J Chalmers, David Manley and Ryan Wasserman, eds., Metametaphysics: New Essays on the Foundations of Ontology: 320–46. Oxford University Press. (Presented by James Vlachoulis.)
September 22
Public holiday
October 6
Deasy, Daniel (2020) ‘Advanced Temporalizing’, in Karen Bennett and Dean W Zimmerman, eds., Oxford Studies in Metaphysics, vol. 12: 262–312. Oxford University Press. (Presented by Antony Eagle.)
October 27
Fischer, John Martin (2010) ‘The Frankfurt Cases: the Moral of the Stories’, Philosophical Review 119: 315–336. (Presented by Ned Scott.)
November 10
November 24
Last meeting for the year.