Antony Eagle



I am a philosopher at the University of Adelaide.

My research is mainly in ‘theoretical’ philosophy: metaphysics, epistemology/philosophy of science, philosophy of logic and language, and philosophy of physics. I teach in all these areas, and their early modern history (especially Descartes, Locke and Hume).

In metaphysics and philosophy of physics, my main interests include chance and the foundations of probability, persistence, location, space, time and spacetime, causation, dispositions, ontology, and modality. (An introduction to the philosophy of probability aimed at a general audience is here.) In epistemology, I'm mostly interested in Bayesian epistemology and confirmation theory, and their connection with traditional epistemology. In philosophy of language, I'm most interested in propositions, the semantics of modals, generics and habituals, and conditionals, and in understanding fictional discourse. I'm keen to work with graduate students on any of these topics.

Before coming to Adelaide, I spent almost a decade as Lecturer in Philosophy at the University of Oxford, and William Kneale Fellow and Tutor in Philosophy at Exeter College, Oxford. Before that, I did my Ph.D. at Princeton, and even earlier I was an undergraduate at Melbourne. I'm on the editorial board of the Australasian Journal of Philosophy, and I currently serve as Treasurer of the AAP. My Google Scholar profile is here. More details can be found in my CV.


Last updated: 2015-04-25.